Soap Base:

  • Olive and Coconut Oil Soap base
  • Pure Coconut Oil Soap Base
  • EDTA free Sustainable Palm oil base in solid white and translucent colours. We are now using mass balance palm oil soap base, the soap production is committed and certified greener.
  • Soap-free PH balanced shampoo base


No matter you are after a natural scent from essential oils/extracts, or a modern fragrance for your soap, with more than 150 different essential oils and fragrances in stock, we are able to help you to get your soap smells right.



The soap factory has most popular additives in stock, including essential oils, carrier oils, NZ native ingredients, Bee products, NZ dairy products.

Your supplied ingredients are also welcome.

Formulation: We will help you to formulate your own soaps, the formulation will be only used to your soap production.