Soap Factory Capabilities

As true private label soap manufacturer, the soap factory provides all aspects of the supply chain we can source and supply all componentry or use your supplied components or a combination of both then package and delivery if required.

We can design, formulate you a unique product specifically to your needs, in all areas of solid bar soaps and bath salts and scrubs

We can arrange to supply all the components for each or have you supply as many as you want.

With the solid bar soaps.

With our flexible manufacturing capabilities we can run small batches to get you started as small as 100 kgs or up to 10 tonnes or more at a time, all soap is triple milled and can be moulded in any shape and size.

We also package these in many formats, shrink wrap, skin wrap, labelled, paper wrapped , boxed or supplied naked, soaps can be stamped or pressed with your Logo or design.

We have automated packing to reduce the handling of the product but we can also pack by hand for that extra special care and high end look.

With our bath salts.

We can blend manufacture and fill any style of bath salts , we can bland any combination of Epsom salts , Magnesium sulphate , Himalayan pink salts, Bokek dead sea salts, and Zechstein salts   with  any additive combinations your require, our filling equipment is capable of filling, pouches, jars both plastic and glass