In light of the Covid-19 spread, New Zealand has raised the alert to level 4, kiwis are instructed to stay at home, essential goods/services providers are exempted.

The Soap Factory is deemed as a supplier of Supermarkets, FMCG industry, we will stay open to keep New Zealanders clean and healthy.

Some information for our clients,
* We will re-look the production schedule, orders related to the supply of Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Groceries will be prioritised, we apologise for those been delayed but we believe keeping New Zealanders clean and safe is the first priority at this stage.
* Our supply chain for base raw material is currently ok but we are monitoring this daily,  we have sufficient stocks for 2-3 months depending on demand and have sourced alternative supply.
* Any customer with goods on site who wish these to be returned we will return these and they can deliver them back close to the time of manufacture if they have concerns of no access to these good should we be forced to close.
Let’s watch a video of ‘How soap kills coronavirus’